Eric Nerison

Jim Bain

Vice President

Lesley Bombardier

Aaron Greenberg

Board of directors

The Envision Kalama Board of Directors is comprised of civic-minded individuals with a vested interest in Kalama's betterment.  Professionals, citizens and community leaders sit on the Board.

Rosemary Siipola


Envision Kalama provides us all an opportunity to give back to the community that's given so much to us.  Whether a lifelong, or recent, resident, Envision Kalama is your opportunity to improve your home, for your family, and families to come.

Mary Putka

Corresponding Secretary

Board Members

Eric Yakovich


Lynn Hughes

Envision Kalama

Lynn Godley

Mark Wilson, President

Mark is a Kalama native and Executive Director of the Port of Kalama

Mark Wilson

Creating the Kalama of tomorrow, today